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2 Operatory Pelton & Crane Package

We are working to find a buyer for the following equipment.  The space is also available.  The equipment is about 4 -5 years old.  We only want to sell as a whole package.  Buyer will be responsible for disconnecting and moving.    I can help facilitate.  Custom built cabinets usually cannot be removed.  We are collecting offers.  Please let me know if you want to make an offer.

5 View Sonic VS 15701 Monitor (countertop) -Picture: 400a, 200a, 300d

3 Polycom Phone -Picture: 100a, 100b

5 Dell D085 Tower -Picture: 100c, 200c, 500a

2 Pelton & Crane Side Cabinets with Sinks -Picture: B5

2 Pelton & Crane Rear Treatment Cabinets with Tray, Assistant Instrumentation & Mounted Monitor -Picture: 6a, b5, 600k, 500h

2 Pelton and Crane SP30 Dental chair DOM 2015 with Mounted Delivery Systems -Picture:  500g, 500i

2 View Sonic VS 15701 Monitor – ceiling mounted with articulating arm -Picture: 600

2 Pelton & Crane Dental Lights – ceiling mounted -Picture: 600

2 Assistant stools  -Picture: 5a, 500f

1 Doctor stools  -Picture: 1a

2 Focus Intraoral X-rays -Picture: 500e

1 Mojave V3 Vacuum Pump 2014 -Picture: D11

1 Air techniques Airstar 10 Compressor -Picture:  1300e

1 Sci Can Bravo Autoclave 14JP00083 -Picture:  D7

1 Foster Model Trimmer -Picture:  1300a

1 Amalgamator -Picture: D7

1 Ultrasonic Cleaner –Recessed in Cabinet -Picture: no number (on page 19 of PDF)

1 Quattro Plus Handpiece Cleaner -Picture: no number (on page 19 of PDF)

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