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3 ADEC Operatory Dental Package

We are working to find a buyer for the following equipment.  The space is also available.  The equipment is about 5 years old.  We only want to sell as a whole package.  Buyer will be responsible for disconnecting and moving.    I can help facilitate.  Custom built cabinets usually cannot be removed.  We are collecting offers.  Please let me know if you want to make an offer.

2 Sirona Hellodent Intra Oral Xray1 2015 SN: 32130 & 33243

3 ADEC 511 Patient Dental Chair SN: 11G61245, 11G61246, 11I78074

3 ADEC Doctor Stools

3 ADEC Assistant Stools

3 ADEC Over the Patient Delivery Unit

3 ADEC 5580 Treatment Cabinet with Assistant Insturmentation

3 ADEC Accessory Side Cabinet

3 Track Dental Lights

1 ADEC 5541 Central Cabinet

1 ADEC SteriCenter

3 Schick Xray Sensors

1 Intra Oral Camera

1 Air Compressor & Vac Pump

5 Computers

8 Monitors

16 Various Chairs

1 Whaledent Ultra Sonic Cleaner

1 Midmark M11 Sterilizer

1 Redwing Polisher Station

1 3M Pentamix

1 Patterson Tray Vacuum Forming Machine

1 Patterson Dental Vibrator

1 Coffee Machine, Microwave, Refrigerator

1 Sound System

1 Dell Server

1 APC Power Supply,4 Wifi Router, Communications Equipment

Misc Dental Supplies and Consumables

Misc Dental Instruments about 200

3 Drills High Speed

2 Drills Low Speed

2 Desk and misc. furniture and décor

1 Aquarium

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