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3 Midmark Operatory Dental Package

We are working to find a buyer for the following equipment.  The equipment is about 3-4 years old.  We only want to sell as a whole package.  Buyer will be responsible for disconnecting and moving.  I help facilitate.  We are collecting offers.  Please let me know if you want to make an offer. This package might take a while to free up to be sold and finalized.

3 MidMark 153758-001 Dental Chair 2017 V1946656

3 MidMark 153811679601 Doctor Stool 2017 VAG012972

3 MidMark 153812689866 Assistant Stool 2018 VAG012970

2 MidMark 153689-002*789403 Duo Delivery Unit 2017 V1946559  – attached to cabinets

3 MidMark 153637-001 Dental Operatory Light V1923828

2 LG Flat Screen TV – wall mounted

2 Dell D10U Desktop Computer 2014 702PCH2

2 Dell Flat Screen Monitor and Keyboard

1 Vatech PCH2500 Panoramic X-Ray 2017 047-010864

1 MidMark Power Vac 029-5111-00 Vacuum Pump 2016 V1801929 32

1 MidMark P32 Power Air 2017 V1846204

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